QA Course at Faculty of Mathematics

During the winter semestar 2017/2018 three of our colleagues held a complete course on Faculty of Mathematics - Quality Assurance in Software Development. 

We had 32 students participated and a lot of topics researched: 

- Testing pyramid and taxonomy
- Unit testing, NUnit
- Isolation, Fakes, Moq
- Test data creational patterns (Builder etc)
- Integration tests
- TDD, Refactoring.

We got a great feedback from the students. Here are some of them:

  • „I gained a lot of practical knowledge.“
  • „You can learn art of unit testing quickly.“
  • „Extremely helpful and friendly presenters.“
  • „Positive energy and valuable content.“


And here is what our colleague Stefan Djelekar said about his experience: „In my opinion, formal education for Software Engineers offered in Belgrade's University misses some important topics. One of those is definitely Software Testing. That's somehow understandable, because the need for automated testing rises with the complexity of the system and student's projects are usually not that complex. However, I don't think upcoming software people should be deprived from important asset in every programmers toolbox! Therefore, this course is intended to bridge the gap between faculties and entry level industry knowledge, even go beyond it.“