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Open IT 2015

On 17th and 18th of October Zühlke participated on Open IT project organized by AIESEC Belgrade. Viktorija Filipovic and Marko Ivanovic held 45 minute lecture on how to make Rock-Paper-Scissors game with Single Page Application using AngularJS. Although the topic was very interesting to participants, they would have liked if the workshop was longer than 45 minutes.

On the second day, Nenad Vitorovic and Ivan Simic held IoT workshop, with practical examples using Python and RaspberryPI in the Innovation track. This was best scored lecture on the entire event with the mark of 9.96 (of 10).

The whole approach Zühlke took this year was extremely well accepted (including the chocolate approach) where we have, again like last year, received a lot of positive feedback from the students there.

“Very useful talk, too bad we could not have more time. It was really necessary.”

“Good example, nice introduction to Angular”

“Great team and workshop”

“Very interesting. Best chocolate ever!”

“Great workshop, interesting examples, great interaction. Genius!”