Software security talks

Software security topic is very important in development process. Zühlke is exploring and implementing security development procedures and will be sharing some experiences during the meetup.

Attendance is free but number of available places limited. You can reserve you spot at the link below. 

Join us on 27th February, at Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1ž, 11070 Belgrade.



18:30 - 19:00 - Registration and gathering
19:00 - 19:45 - Non-functional requirements are a common blind spot by Wolfgang Boessenecker
19:45 - 20:30 - Secure by Design by Milan Starcevic
20:30 - 22:00 - Networking & Beer toast.

Non-functional requirements are a common blind spot

In my personal impression, many stakeholders still focus too much on functional specification when they communicate with the development.
In this talk I will give some examples why this could lead to waste of time and money. 
Especially security requirements are often neglected: Some people underestimate this topic, others assume security as given.
I will give some tips how this common anti-pattern can be avoided.

About Wolfgang Boessenecker

Wolfgang Boessenecker is Lead Consultant and with Zühlke since 2011. After his master in Mathematics he gained experience in embedded software engineering, system engineering, process modelling and security. During this journey he became familiar with industrial automation, medical development, rail engineering, in vitro diagnostics and energy management. He is passionate about product security, systems engineering, requirements engineering and agile engineering practices.

Secure by Design

How many times did you hear that there is not enough budget for security? How large is the awareness of your team about secure practices? Did anyone ever ask you "how important is that security stuff anyway"? Does your company guarantee security to customers?
SDLC provides a real, tried and true way to create software that increases software security by design.
SDLC provides practices that integrate into your cool agile methodology and enables you to substantially lower your security risks.
SDLC provides a clear step-by-step way for management and team leads to introduce it to their project - or company!
This introductory presentation tries to make a compelling case for universal adoption of SDLC in your company, and provides a way forward.

About Milan Starcevic

Milan Starcevic is a Lead Software Engineer and joined Zühlke since we opened offices in Belgrade. He is a full-stack developer with distributed teams development experience in different industries. His orientation is .NET, WEB, architecture and is interested in security topics in general. 



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