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First .NET ZMeetup is going to be in our Belgrade office on 5th June.

19:00 - 19:15 - Registration and gathering
19:15 - 20:00 - Taming the Legacy Beast by Stefan Djelekar
20:00 - 20:45 - HoloLens Meets Azure by Bojan Jelaca & Milos Nikolic
20:45 - 22:00 - Networking & Beer toast
Taming the Legacy Beast by Stefan Djelekar
We all hate dealing with legacy code and yet, we all write it. To escape the paradox, it is crucial to understand what legacy code really is. Therewith, this presentation will showcase numerous good practices, when it comes to cutting through the jungle of most infamous codebases. You will find out where legacy code intersects with TDD, as well see real world examples, demonstrating what impact legacy code can have on your organization.
About Stefan Djelekar
Experienced .NET full stack engineer, focused on solving scalability and performance problems in the enterprise domain. Like to rant on software testing automation. Pragmatic person, passionate about clean code, feedback loop shortening and distributed development.
HoloLens Meets Azure by Bojan Jelaca & Milos Nikolic

Today, in the world of software development, Azure is one of the hottest topics. On the other hand, augmented and virtual reality are getting momentum in becoming the next Big Thing in our industry. We in Zuhlke managed to merge these two topics into one exiting project, by implementing the app which uses benefits of both Microsoft’s HoloLens and Azure Cognitive Services.

This lecture will show you how you can easily achieve great things with these two worlds. Furthermore, it will show you the infinite possibilities that are in front of us. The future is now!

About Bojan Jelaca
Bojan was born and raised in Belgrade, earned his Master degree at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. Since 2015, he is working for Zuhlke Engineering. Currently, as a full-stack developer working mostly with .NET technologies. Recently, got interested in Hololens and other AR/VR technologies and he developed several apps in this area.
About Milos Nikolic

He has graduated at School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. In company Zühlke Engineering Milos is working as full stack developer mostly on .NET technology stack, with special interest in cloud computing & cloud architecture.


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