Mixed Reality talks

Extended Reality, which includes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, is one of the hot topics in today's IT world. Among them, Mixed Reality is probably the most interesting and the most innovative. Therefore, since its very beginning, we in Zühlke are truly dedicated to gaining knowledge and expertise in this area. And now, we want to show you where we got and to share our thoughts with you. 

We will gather on 17th April in Zühlke Serbia office.

Attendance is free but number of available places limited.

Join us from 18:30 at Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1ž, 11070 Belgrade.



18:30 - 19:00 - Registration and gathering
19:00 - 19:10 - Introduction to Mixed Reality - Zlatan Radetinac
19:10 - 19:20 - Mixed Reality development - Zlatan Radetinac 
19:20 - 19:30 - Mixed Reality testing - Aleksandar Zeljkovic
19:30 - 19:40 - Mixed Reality in our world - Aleksandar Zeljkovic
19:40 - 20:20 - HoloLinc project story - Fredrik Gundelsweiler & Bojan Jelaca
20:20 - 20:45 - How our learning process looks like - Suzana Suvajac & Elena Vuceljic
20:45 - 20:55 - Future of Mixed Reality - Bojan Jelaca
21:00 - 22:00 - Networking & beer toast.  

More details:
Introduction to Mixed Reality - a short overview of the current state in the world of Mixed Reality.
Mixed Reality development - a small dive into the ways to develop amazing Mixed Reality apps.
Mixed Reality testing - our 2 cents on testing of Mixed Reality apps, as this is still unknown area. 
Mixed Reality in our world - an overview of our projects and efforts we make to dive into Mixed Reality topic.
HoloLinc project story - a deep dive into HoloLinc – completely digitalized measurement process. This is one of the first applications of Mixed Reality in industry. 
How our learning process looks like - as part of learning process, we developed a lot of interesting apps in our Mixed Reality focus group. This is an overview of these apps. 
Future of Mixed Reality - as Mixed Reality is an area with lots of space for improvement, we will show you some of the possible directions where it can go. A future from Sci-Fi movies might come sooner than you think. 
About speakers: 

Bojan Jelaca

Bojan was born and raised in Belgrade, earned his Master degree at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. 
Since 2015, he is working for Zuhlke Engineering. Currently, as a full-stack developer working mostly with .NET technologies. 
Recently, got interested in Hololens and other AR/VR technologies and he developed several apps in this area.

Zlatan Radetinac

He was born in 1995. in Novi Pazar. Since 2014. he is living in Belgrade where he has graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering where he is also currently enrolled in getting Master's degree. He is part of Zuhlke since February 2018., starting as an Intern and now working as a Professional software engineer.

Aleksandar Zeljkovic

Quality/Test engineer with broad experience in a variety of software domains and setups. 
Inspecting and adapting both product and process, pushing the software quality forward, no matter the circumstances.

Fredrik Gundelsweiler

Fredrik is an entrepreneur and all-round computer scientist with in-depth knowledge in multiple areas. He has experience in the areas of project management and planning, mobile development (especially iOS, Android), backend / server, databases, storage and assessment of technical feasibility and proof-of-concepts. Recently, he gained a lot of experience in augmented and virtual reality when setting up his startup. In May 2016, he started as Consultant at Zühlke and now is in charge of the topics mixed reality and mobile applications

Suzana Suvajac 

Suzana was born in Novi Sad but raised in Belgrade where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at School of Electrical Engineering.
She's been working for Zuhlke Engineering since 2017 as a software engineer, mostly working with .NET technologies.
Right now she is doing some research about AR/VR technologies and developing a small application with Hololens for her master thesis.

Elena Vuceljic 
Elena is a Professional Software Engineer and has been in the company since July 2018. She graduated as BSc in Computer Science. Her main area of expertise includes iOS, Java and Android. Her main focus is mobile and web development.


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