Success Story

Private bank grows with the help of process automation

When the volume of structured financial products increases, an efficient platform is needed to deal with it: Lean, capable of expansion, fully integrated. In close co-operation with Zuhlke, this is precisely what one Swiss private bank achieved.


One particular Swiss private bank that is a leading provider of structured financial products had clients that were increasingly demanding individualised products while at the same time being very sensitive about prices. In order to hold its own in this market, the bank developed an on-line platform with which the client advisor could structure and sell products rapidly and flexibly.

In order to be able to deal with the additional volume and still guarantee efficiency, the aim was to automate large sections of the processing chain. These processes, however, were extremely complex and ran through the entire bank, thus requiring the involvement of all the specialist departments in the automation and also the integration of the various different IT systems in order to ensure success for the project.


In close co-operation with the client, Zuhlke analysed and simplified the relevant business processes and derived the required IT initiatives. Thanks to strict prioritisation and an approach involving phased progress, the solution was put successfully into operation within a very short space of time. The project management team adopted agile methods and introduced a service-oriented IT architecture. This ensured the capacity for continuous expansion of the solution and provided a solid foundation for the use of web applications as a user interface.

Thanks to comprehensive test automation, weekly releases could easily be provided. A roadmap showed the next development steps but always remained totally flexible in order to be able to react to changing market trends. Since the initial implementation, hundreds of users have started using the platform, which is now a key factor in achieving business success.

Customer benefits

  • Rapid success due to stepwise approach.
  • Business value resulting from consistent focus and prioritisation.
  • Zuhlke’s extensive experience enabled stable architecture to be designed despite continuous development.
  • Thanks to Zuhlke’s support, both in business and IT, integrated collaboration developed across all departments.