Success Story

Business transformation for sustainable growth

Business transformation entails leaving familiar business lines behind, redefining established processes, and changing structures. The deployment of a Zuhlke consulting team brought fresh ideas to a automation equipment firm.


Komax is the world market leader for standard machinery in the wire processing market. Komax Systems in Rotkreuz is a business unit that offers customer-specific solutions in assembly automation. This line of business is characterised by insufficient profitability, heavy price pressure, and high technical and commercial risks. For machine systems used in assembly automation, the company sees growth opportunities in photovoltaics that should be developed. The responsible managers outlined the following issues for the project:

  • How can the established customised assembly automation business be made more profitable?
  • What requirements are involved in building up the photovoltaic equipment business, with a suitable scaling approach?


Zuhlke analysed the situation and drew up a plan with the following elements:

  • Outline of the business transformation process, taking into account time, costs and social compatibility
  • Definition of the product and skill portfolio required for implementation
  • Depiction of the possible business scenarios, and evaluation them in business plans
  • Master planning of the entire transformation, including an estimation of costs
  • Definition/implementation of the new structural organisation and adaptation and optimization of the most important processes.

Acceptance of the solution was high thanks to the Zuhlke team’s close cooperation with the customer. The transfer of expertise was a central aspect from the outset, allowing Komax subsequently to refine the transformation on its own.


Customer benefits

  • Thanks to its management and consulting experience in assembly automation and plant design, the Zuhlke team carried out the analysis and conception work for the customer very pragmatically and cost efficiently.

  • The customer valued the objective and impartial assessment made by the management consultants and their sense of what was feasible.

  • The customer could make the suggested changes quickly and without social hardship thanks to the well-thought out approach.