Success Story

Lean development shortens development times

Using lean principles to optimise its innovation processes enabled a control systems manufacturer to achieve significant improvements in project times and quality, resulting in reduced development costs.



Three years ago, the client reorganised its production department around lean production principles. Order fulfilment is now one of the company’s major strengths. Its extensively modularised product architecture also enables it to manage its portfolio of well over 1000 product variants professionally. It now faced the task of analysing and optimising product development based on lean principles.


Zuhlke’s consultants possessed exactly the right skill set for the project. They were able to draw on experience gathered over a large number of optimisation projects covering innovation management and development processes across a wide range of high-tech industries. 


The Zuhlke team includes designated specialists who have successfully implemented relevant lean principles, procedures and methods over a variety of projects in the production field and at the interfaces with development and product management.

The team determined the steps required by holding modular workshops at the client site. This ensured that the relevant lean methods were adapted to the client’s situation and needs and were accepted and applied by the client’s staff. Key issues included frontloading in the development process, the lean design phase and testing concepts.

Customer benefits

  • In-depth analysis of optimisation potential provided a clear basis for deciding how the project should be progressed (potential savings and cost of required investment).
  • Change management skills ensured that a new culture of innovation was firmly embedded within the company.
  • The client benefited from low development costs and shorter throughput times.