Success Story

Novel drive system brings innovation leadership

A major gear unit manufacturer set the goal of making the transition from component manufacturer to systems supplier while consolidating its innovation leadership. Zuhlke managed the project and helped driving long-term business development.


A well-known engineering company specialising in high performance bespoke gearing systems, intended to launch a novel drive system offering high added value. To achieve this, it needed to develop and implement new technologies.

From the very start of this relatively complex project, the management team took the decision to bring in outside support in order to minimise downside risks. Expanding into new markets and launching innovative new products and services was seen as a promising but risky approach to achieve a sustainable business development.


Zuhlke Management Consultants managed the entire project from set-up through to starting large-scale production comprising the following:


  • Development of a product concept including clarification of the patent environment
  • Stakeholder management, project marketing, project documentation and budget approval
  • Evaluation of and contractual agreements with strategic technology partners
  • Definition of suitable project processes and structures, including roles and responsibilities
  • Inspiring the market leader as a reference customer for the pilot installation
  • Designing and setting up the supply chain
  • Developing a comprehensive marketing concept with special emphasis on trade shows as a launch platform

Zuhlke led the transformation process while ensuring that management was fully integrated implementing comprehensive, cross-functional reporting, communications and team coaching.

Customer benefits

  • Zuhlke methodically implemented ensuring strong support by key stakeholder.

  • Project goals were developed jointly and achieved in full.

  • Project managers in the client team benefited from their Zuhlke consultant’s methodology, process know-how and experience.

  • The new drive system improved operational availability at the end customer and resulted in increased profitability of the overall production process.