Business Transformation

Customer loyalty through networked mobility

SBB is playing its cards right and enticing its passengers to a whole new world of subscriptions.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved information flow.
  • Quicker and better results thanks to know-how in business analysis and development.
  • Enhanced agility with Scrum.


SBB’s vision was a completely new mobility system. As a first step, SBB customers were to enjoy more mobility features like car and bike rentals or leisure activities in addition to travel by rail, bus and boat. Just one single card is required for this purpose: the SwissPass. Zuhlke supported SBB in several subprojects concerning business analysis, requirements engineering, and the development of the software architecture.

Project Approach

An experienced systems architect coordinated the seven development teams and acted as a liaison between business analysis and development. He also introduced Daily Scrums, which helped to enhance flexibility, and created a Scrum Board tailored to SBB for several subteams. Zuhlke's team cooperated in developing the new sales application and integrating partners such as ski resorts for SwissPass-compatible leisure activities. This took root and was used again in further SBB projects. For the development of the new control service for the Swiss Pass, the business analysts had to involve many different transportation companies throughout Switzerland. A further challenge was making the software compatible with different types of devices and integrating it into proprietary systems, for example in city buses. A comprehensive project with many influencing factors was concluded successfully.

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