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Increased security with a flexible testing system

Rhaetian Railway regularly services and checks its rolling stock. A robust, customized testing system developed by Zuhlke reduced the manual workload and increased safety.

Customer Benefits

  • Turnkey solution.
  • Additional tests in new testing system.
  • Increased efficiency and less effort with vehicle inspections.


Safety-related functions, electrics, and wiring are checked regularly on Rhaetian Railway‘s (RhB) rolling stock. The goal was to modernize these vehicle inspections and make them more effective in the areas of maintenance and renovation. It was important to factor in the various requirements and areas of application, in particular the diversity of the rolling stock. Zuhlke was contracted for the overall development of a modular testing system with a rugged design, that the customer could maintain and further enhance independently in the future.


In order to meet the end users‘ differing requirements, the inspection system was made available in two versions: mobile and stationary. The systems have a modular design, and the hardware and software can be extended and configured as required. The extremely robust construction provides reliable protection against external influences (dirt, vibration, etc.). The use of components that are available over the long term ensure the long operating life of the testing apparatus. A security system guards the device against overvoltage and excess current. Thanks to the uniform operating concept between the touch monitor, tablet PC, and wireless remote control, the railway staff quickly became familiar with the system’s operation. The framework retrieves the parameters and steps for testing from a database. RhB is easily able to change or add new test steps by modifying the database settings. The new concept makes the work more efficient and requires fewer staff.

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