Success Story

Using process reviews to optimise collaboration

Stadler collaborates with external suppliers in the passenger information sector. Implementation of projects has been subject to repeated delays and problems. Zuhlke undertook a process review and developed improvement suggestions.


In manufacturing rolling stock, Stadler relies on close partnerships with specialist suppliers. The passenger information systems for its vehicles are purchased as complete solutions from selected suppliers. In response to delays and recurrent problems in ongoing projects, Zuhlke was commissioned to undertake a review of software development processes at Stadler and one of its suppliers. The result of the review was proposals and measures for improving the situation. The list of proposed measures enabled management at Stadler and the supplier to collaborate in determining which proposals to implement and what level of resources to allocate to their implementation.


Zuhlke’s engineer analysed working practices at the two organisations by:


  • Carrying out structured interviews with the people involved at both sites.
  • Examining the use of software tools (development environment, configuration management system, requirements engineering, etc.).
  • Inspecting artifacts from the specific project (software architecture documents, software development plan, requirements documents, source code, etc.).
  • Analysing the actual software engineering process as operated in practice.

Based on these insights and current software engineering best practices, Zuhlke’s expert developed a list of measures for presentation to management at the two companies. This enabled the managers to decide which measures to implement, when, and what level of resources to allocate to them.


Customer benefits

  • Management at both companies received a list of specific measures to improve the situation.
  • Our expert’s many years of experience across a range of sectors provided him with access to a wide range of novel and practice-tested ideas and potential solutions.
  • By supporting Stadler during the implementation phase, Zuhlke ensured that identified improvements and ideas were implemented in practice.