Success Story

Accelerated development through software platforms

You need powerful software when highest precision and shortest development times are required. That’s why, in the field of ion analysis, Metrohm opted for a specially-developed, universal platform solution.


Highly efficient routine analysis and complex special applications for ion analysis require precise, economic equipment and reliable software.

Metrohm‘s technicians developed an application for a particular product which they later re-used. This prompted the development of a software platform for all applications as this would enable the company to utilise the software again in future and minimize development costs


Zuhlke conducted a focused analysis in accordance with the reputable Software Architecture Analysis Method (SAAM) to evaluate the potential of the existing solution. Step by step, a new architecture was designed that took both technical and business aspects into consideration.


Developers, product managers and consultants jointly drafted a scenario which described how to use the PC-based application as the foundation for further applications.

Zuhlke provided methodical support to the project team and contributed their experience with similar platform strategy projects to the analysis. With minor modifications to the architecture, the selected platform and modular concept safeguarded Metrohm‘s investment. Furthermore, it has provided the company with a decisive competitive edge through the many fields of application it offers for new products.

Customer benefits

  • Zuhlke’s best practice models for the platform and module management.
  • Targeted measures which preserve the value of the existing software.
  • Clear description of the softwarearchitecture for all company division.