Success Story

Mobile customer centre – better customer ratings

Swisscom wanted to enhance the customer benefits of their MySwisscom App and obtain better reviews in the App Store. Zuhlke implemented a solution which has improved user acceptance and reduced the call centre workload.


A first version of the MySwisscom App had already been launched and had achieved very high download rates. Swisscom needed to take steps to ensure that this success was reflected in customer ratings for the app. Customers had been quick to appreciate and utilise the ability to administer their accounts, but they also demanded high standards of usability and stability. Swisscom wanted to achieve even better customer acceptance, implement findings from the first version and add important features. Based on its experience to date, Swisscom decided to implement native versions of MySwisscom 2.0 for iOS and Android and a separate web application.


Working closely with the business and design departments, the Zuhlke team adapted the requirements to the limitations imposed by the small screen space and the native usability concept.


The result was effective solutions. There were several difficulties to overcome in terms of integration with the backend:

  • What sort of balance should the revised version strike between security and user experience in ensuring that the demanding security requirements for customer data were met? Customers use the app to access sensitive personal data.
  • What should the app do when the backend system is unavailable?
  • How should the trade off between real-time data (e.g. remaining free minutes) and rapid response times be dealt with?

Zuhlke provided clear answers whilst also taking full account of technical and security limitations and the tight budget. The new version is achieving better reviews in the App Store.

Customer benefits

  • Zuhlke experts took account of the differing characteristics of the devices to improve usability and thus increase user acceptance.
  • Thanks to extensive testing and the creation of a cross-platform test environment, Zuhlke also improved the app’s stability.
  • Customer satisfaction was apparent from the significant improvement in the app’s rating on Apple’s App Store (from 2.5 to 4.0 stars).