Success Story

R&D assessment flags up optimisation potential

A leading manufacturer of municipal vehicles suspected that there was room for improvement in its innovation mana­gement systems. Zuhlke analysed weak points in its engineering and development activities and put together a prioritised action plan.


A newly appointed management team had identified a need to enhance in-house innovation capacity and to then maintain this high level of innovation. They also wanted to stabilise product quality and reduce the high turnover of development staff. The first step was to identify the underlying problem. Zuhlke was commissioned to carry out an R&D assessment to serve as a basis for delivering long-term improvements.


A pragmatic approach based on Zuhlke’s proven ‘6 Dimensions of Innovation Management’ framework was selected. Data was collected (by studying development processes and KPIs, observations at development meetings, written and oral surveys), analysed, consolidated and interpreted. Zuhlke consultants discussed the assessment report and the areas where a need for action was identified with the client’s management team. An action plan aimed at realising optimisation potential was produced in collaboration with the head of R&D. The action plan provided for a range of situation-appropriate measures tailored to the different staff grades within the company.


Customer benefits

  • Zuhlke’s consultants delivered an objective assessment based on a range of sources and perspectives.
  • The action plan involved taking specific actions at several different levels within the company.
  • Full consideration was given to ongoing development projects in compiling proposals for optimisation measures.
  • Both the assessment and the action plan benefited from Zuhlke’s extensive innovation management experience gained over the course of numerous innovation management projects.