Data Analytics

Efficient forest management on the tablet

With the Zuhlke app, employees of the Austrian Federal Forestry Office can now navigate and collect data in the woods offline with a tablet PC.

Customer Benefits

  • Focus on reusable assets.
  • Product launch after a development time of only one month.
  • Algorithmic expertise.
  • Solved performance issues related to large amounts of data.


The large quantity of detailed map data (over 150,000 polygons) had to be simple to operate on a standard Android tablet. The app needed to also run offline. The performance when handling large volumes of data was therefore an important criterion. In addition, the employees required the option to record location-based notes in the forest. The goal was a comprehensive system that made forest management more efficient.


Together with the Austrian Federal Forestry Office (ÖBf), Zuhlke planned milestones, goals and development steps. Zuhlke relied on an agile approach and utilized a cloud project management solution to process the stories efficiently. This made it possible to work transparently and efficiently from the outset, and the state of development was comprehensible for ÖBf at all times. A common repository for accessing the software enabled ÖBf to test the prototype at an early stage. An established open source component was used to display the maps and reduce the time to market (Open-StreetMaps). The customer’s own map data was kept up-to-date by synchronizing it via a server component. After just one month, the first version went live. Using the app, the roughly 150 employees who are regularly out in the field can manage their forest sections directly on the tablet or a smartphone. Notes on individual trees or areas are entered offline, linked to the location, and later transferred to the SAP backend.


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