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Success Story

New user interface enhances patient feeling

An orthopaedic instrument manufacturer developed a new pain therapy device. The touch-based user interface simplified operation and permitted complex use cases. Zuhlke developed software for the device in compliance with all relevant medical standards.


EMS Electro Medical Systems is a leading supplier of orthopaedic shockwave therapy devices for musculoskeletal pain. EMS decided to develop a device with a touch-screen display in place of physical buttons to replace one of its existing instruments. The new user interface also provided many additional features in the form of a treatment information database, treatment histories and a record of patient pain reduction.

Zuhlke assumed responsibility for developing, testing and documenting the software.


Zuhlke experts evaluated the feasibility of the defined requirements and established an iterative, agile development process.


The ability to deliver new software releases quickly was a key factor in ensuring the success of the project, with significant GUI and design aspects. Customer feedback was rapidly integrated into each subsequent development iteration, ensuring that the high quality and design standards common to all EMS products were met.
Requirements, test cases and test results were linked and tracked electronically, so that both the customer and Zuhlke’s experts had access to the latest version. This approach made meeting the traceability requirements set out by the medical device regulator simple.

Customer benefits

  • EMS benefited from Zuhlke’s experience in developing modern GUIs with embedded technologies. In addition, the short development iterations simplified continuous improvement of the UI design, leading to an excellent result and exciting user feedback.
  • Zuhlke’s medical software experts delivered the documentation EMS required to seamlessly obtain regulatory approval.