Success Story

A future-proof mobile strategy

AXA Winterthur wanted to develop a future-proof mobile strategy which would put mobile enterprise at the heart of its IT strategy. Given the technical possibilities a profound, strategic decision for the success was very important. Zuhlke held a series of workshops to help the client identify the right mobile strategy.


With the rise of mobile in the enterprise sector, AXA Winterthur’s IT department needed to start exploiting the new opportunities offered by mobile apps. To define the right mobile strategy, AXA Winterthur wanted to start by making a detailed examination of a number of specific issues:

  • user experience
  • application and multi-channel strategy
  • security requirements
  • cross platform and content strategy

This would then be used to produce a decision tree to determine the appropriate mobile strategy and to provide a basis for managing and sourcing mobile projects going forward.


Over a period of just a few days, Zuhlke consultants led a series of workshops to clarify AXA Winterthur’s requirements. Zuhlke chaired the workshops and prepared the topics for discussion and key issues to be resolved. The workshops provided a forum for business-led departments to come together with the IT department to discuss, organise and prioritise requirements. Zuhlke called in experts from the relevant disciplines who, by delivering an appropriate level of detail as required, were able to gradually drill down to the optimal strategy. Current developments in the marketplace and existing planned projects within the company both influenced the choice of mobile strategy. This enabled AXA Winterthur to develop a decision tree which helped identify appropriate technologies and resources for future projects.

Customer benefits

  • Joint workshops enabled the client to rapidly identify the right mobile strategy.
  • AXA Winterthur benefited from Zuhlke’s practical experience and now has a solid foundation for future decision-making.
  • With the help of the identified strategy and outcomes, the client has charted a course for a successful future in the mobile sector.