Success Story

Swisscom Customer Centre goes mobile

Swisscom has expanded its customer selfcare services to include solutions for mobile devices. Throughout the project, Swisscom was provided with key support by a small and effective Zuhlke team.


Swisscom’s customer selfcare centre enables its customers to manage their portfolios online and control their costs. Swisscom wanted to extend some of the functions included in this service and make them available for mobile devices. The aim of the project was to provide customers with even easier access while at the same time reducing the workload of the customer care department. A key challenge was the development of an intuitive usability concept that could deal both with simple cases and with customers with complex portfolios. The application needed to be easy to use both on older mobiles and on smartphones.


Zuhlke started by identifying requirements and analysing the relevant use cases. Particular focus was placed on end-to end integration issues, as data originated from different backend systems.


Following on from this, the user interface (UI) was developed by a Zuhlke usability engineer. The new UI and in particular the simplified user navigation had a major impact on the backend connection. The connection was redesigned and optimised in collaboration with the responsible staff. During the implementation phase, Zuhlke and Swisscom worked together as an interdisciplinary team.

Comprehensive analysis of the system as a whole paid dividends when it came to creating the new REST service, to which the iOS and Android apps also needed to be linked along with the mobile web interface. The REST interfaces also accommodated special cases and efficiently integrated the backend.

Customer benefits

  • Thanks to their broad experience, the Zuhlke experts knew how to create a bridge between the user interface design and technology.
  • Mobile and usability expertise helped with the creation of prototypes that took the different navigation concepts of the various smartphone devices into account.
  • Zuhlke’s employees integrated themselves into the team, felt a strong identification with the project, reacted flexibly to changes and took on positions of responsibility.