Success Story

The entire building in your pocket

Could a new development team transform a visionary concept into a marketable building automation product in a very short space of time? Zuhlke made this possible and provided the client with development support.


A system that takes over the management of all the basic facilities in a building: heating, lighting, ventilation, regardless of the manufacturer of these various systems. And it should be possible to control everything from a mobile device if required.

This was the task commissioned by mivune, a manufacturer of solutions for building automation. In modern, large building complexes, a number of different systems are used for various functions and these have to be controlled individually, use different technologies and are frequently incompatible. This makes it difficult to use and service them efficiently. In the end, technology that relieves people of work in one area gives rise to expensive and recurring additional outlay in others.

With support from Zuhlke, mivune therefore developed an elegant and expandable solution that enabled the monitoring and management of all automated building systems using a PC-based application and a mobile device.


Zuhlke adopted mivune’s innovative approach and developed it further in order to create a stable and expandable solution. mivune was particularly interested in obtaining an open architecture that could ensure the simple and flexible integration of various devices and field protocols.

In addition to the core product, Zuhlke developed a tailored test and simulation infrastructure so that the quality of the software could be consistently guaranteed. This also provided support for the configuration and commissioning of products prior to shipment to mivune customers.

Customer benefits

  • Innovation:
    mivune has obtained an innovative, expandable solution and can thereby acquire new customers and projects.  
  • Flexibility:
    Zuhlke responds quickly to new requirements and implements these in a straightforward manner.
  • Knowledge Transfer:
    The close cooperation and knowledge transfer means that, in the medium term, the mivune development team will be able to further develop this solution using their own resources.