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Customer service is an important - if not the most important - part of Swisscom's corporate culture. In the digital age, this above all means providing customers with new opportunities for self-care service. With this goal in mind, Swisscom is developing innovative cross-channel online experiences for their clients. Thanks to the customized model of collaboration with Zuhlke, these complex projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Fulfilling customers' wishes faster

No matter which channel Swisscom customers choose for interaction: they should always be enthusiastic about their user experience. Even more so when they use the online channel - the area in which Swisscom counts on Zuhlke as a long-term partner. The digital customer center is a key element in Swisscom's cross-channel strategy. Thousands of customers every day take advantage of countless self-care services via their Swisscom login. They extend payment periods, check their current usage volume, modify personal data, and expect a constant supply of new services and features.

Swisscom develops these important self-care services continuously. With Zuhlke as a strategic partner, they take advantage of partial outsourcing as a flexible collaboration model. It gives Swisscom the freedom to respond to changing business environments at any time and optimize their systems, which is essential in the digital age. In addition, transferring responsibility to Zuhlke is intended to free up resources which Swisscom can redirect to new projects and innovations.



Customer statement

Zuhlke as a partner has our complete trust - deservedly so

– Markus Eberhard, SVP Online- & Crosschannel Development, Swisscom

Mastering complexity

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland. Whether at home or on the road: their customers expect to be able to communicate with the company and access different services at any time. To ensure the required seamless digital experience chain, Swisscom operates numerous complex applications for the various channels and target groups.

In the customer center, Swisscom connects the applications into one coherent customer experience – ensuring the technical complexity in the background is no longer visible to the client.

This presents a challenge: The various products need to reflect the requirements of each target group. Whenever Swisscom implements a new feature or enhances the customer experience, they have to deal with this complexity all over again.

From the needs-analysis through to implementation and teamwork: all aspects taken together must create a homogeneous overall appearance that results in an even better customer experience.


Solution with Managed Services

Large companies struggle with an efficient management of projects. The more complex a project becomes, the more internal resources it ties up. This can lead to the core business being neglected and flexibility being lost. With Zuhlke's customized Managed Services, Swisscom is on the safe side.

This is how Managed Services work in detail:

  • The responsibility is with Zuhlke: We take responsibility for all the relevant services. Swisscom purchases services as required without having to worry about the coordination. Zuhlke bears the risk for any unforeseen events.
  • Interdisciplinary teams: Zuhlke draws on its many years of experience to put the teams together. Visual Designers, User Experience Designers, Solution Designers, Software Architects and Software Developers all act in concert. Thanks to this cooperation, we achieve a high level of quality and productivity.
  • Distributed development: Zuhlke can count on specialists from multiple locations and guarantees comparable quality at lower cost. As a result, the required resources are quickly and easily available when needs change. Zuhlke assumes full responsibility for the organization of this distributed development.
  • Regular communication: Thanks to regular exchanges, the Zuhlke and Swisscom teams are always on the same page. Expert meetings create a common set of values - across all locations.

The benefits from the customer's perspective

According to Swisscom, these are the main benefits of working with Zuhlke:

  • Business continuity and fast time-to-market: With the new setup, Swisscom is able to innovate even more quickly at a high quality.
  • Lighter workload due to "Managed Services": Swisscom frees up resources by transferring responsibility to Zuhlke. The Managed Services are tailored exactly to Swisscom's needs.
  • Flexibility and scalability: The various service components can be extended and adapted over the course of the collaboration. The Zuhlke team can respond quickly to changing conditions.
  • Cost optimization: Thanks to distributed development, Swisscom benefits from lower costs. Zuhlke takes over the transnational coordination and ensures quality assurance.
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