New line of business with reservation platform

Zuhlke implemented the new hotel reservation platform for Kuoni Connect that makes available its own hotel offerings and those of others. An additional strategically important sales channel.

Customer Benefits

  • Punctual launch of reservation platform.
  • Agile method allows for frequently changing requirements.
  • Development of new line of business.


Kuoni wants to expand its business with travel agents (B2B) and also sell directly to travelers through affiliates (B2B2C). The task here was to develop a new interface for this market that would allow operators of external websites to integrate the hotel rooms on offer from Kuoni Connect in their websites. To provide worldwide coverage, the application retrieves items not only out of its own portfolio but also those from other providers. The online presentation of the hotels is handled by a content management system.


Using an agile approach, the Zuhlke team collaborated with Kuoni to work out the requirements, determine the system architecture and implement the application. The application integrates the internal and external hotel inventories along with an external payment service provider and the customer-specific SAP interface. It also saves user and reservation data. The flexible architecture reduces all the different hotel inventories to a common denominator, enabling rapid expansion through the addition of further external directories. Flexibility and efficiency were what Kuoni wanted from the project team. Kuoni required flexibility because it was opening up a new line of business and efficiency because of the tight project schedule. The agile approach also helped the Zuhlke team to meet Kuoni’s expectations in full.

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