Success Story

MIA assists insurance agents

MIA (Multinational Insurance Application) is a tablet app which enables insurance agents to present relevant policy information to customers quickly and easily. MIA features a simple, clear layout and is intuitive to use.


Zurich Insurance Group relies on a large network of independent insurance agents, who offer their customers complex products in an international setting. The rules which need to be taken into account in drawing up a policy differ according to the customer’s country and sector.

Information on these rules is provisioned by an existing system via a web client. A ‘MIA on iPad’ project was set up with the aim of providing insurance agents with a simple means of presenting this information to customers in a manner designed to drive sales. Zuhlke developed a tablet application offering both ease of use and an attractive design. The data used by the application is part of a system of rules and regulations, management of which is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, the tablet solution needed to conform to the Zurich Insurance Group’s strict security guidelines.


The project was dealt with by a three-man team, consisting of a developer, a designer and a project manager specialising in usability consultancy. The procedure was based on the Scrum methodology, with short, two to three week sprint cycles. The team provided Zurich Insurance Group with functioning test versions on an ongoing basis, enabling the client to keep abreast of the progress of the project. To optimise performance and usability, the developers elected to use a native iOS solution. The interaction principle, specifically developed for the app, was highly user friendly, for example offering simple, rapid, geographic country selection from world and regional maps.

Customer benefits

  • Thanks to the agile approach used, a functioning prototype was able to be produced after just a few weeks.
  • Zurich Insurance Group found the high level of maturity of the prototype highly persuasive and was able to rapidly come to the decision to continue app development.
  • The innovative, custom operating concept helped the app achieve excellent usability and a positive customer experience.