My Zurich: Customers demand innovation

Zurich‘s daily business of claims handling or risk assessment for global production or storage sites generates huge amounts of data. Many customers are interested in using this data more extensively for strategic, comprehensive risk management – the new My Zurich platform makes it possible.

To increase customer loyalty by providing an exclusive service for business clients with international operations – this was the vision of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. Such a complex undertaking requires a high degree of global coordination over many cross-company interfaces. Zurich put their trust in Zuhlke: Our experts saw the development of the risk management platform My Zurich through from vision to maintenance and took charge of the technical implementation.

With My Zurich, the insurer was reacting to the needs of their business clients: Important data is collected during claims processing and risk assessments, and Zurich’s customers wanted to exploit this data for strategic risk management. Since August 2014, and uniquely in the market, My Zurich has made this possible in a highly intuitive and efficient way.

Close cooperation between business and technology
The aim of My Zurich was to provide an appealing user experience. In order to achieve this, business and marketing professionals worked closely with IT professionals and user-experience specialists. Zuhlke was an integral part of the team right from the outset when the vision was conceived. Our business analysts assessed the requirements and, with the client, developed the leading digital platform for internationally active business customers.

Agile project management
My Zurich was implemented step by step using agile methods. Throughout this project, Zuhlke reinforced the agile pro-ject management within the client team thus providing a sound basis for further development. Thanks to a flexible archi-tecture, it will be possible to integrate new applications with data from other insurance operations. As a result, Zurich has made considerable progress towards achieving their long-term vision.



Our goal was to map highly complex interrelations simply but accurately – with Zuhlke as business partner we have succeeded.

– André Guyer, Head Global Transformation, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Mr Guyer, My Zurich went online as scheduled and with all its functions in operation; the re-actions have been consist-ently positive. To what do you attribute this success?
Primarily to the team. The agile approach was a crucial factor. It is highly demanding and requires the best brains in business and in development. The team needed to cover an n-dimensional range of expertise – we achieved this with Zuhlke as our partner. Zuhlke's employees integrated seamlessly into the team; the cooperation was excellent.

What were the biggest challenges during the development?
I have been in IT for more than 30 years and I really have to say: The complexity of this project was at the upper end of the scale – not just technologically, but also in respect of numerous other requirements such as compliance, global data exchange and the heterogeneity of the systems. And the customer needed not to see any of this. We achieved this goal by consistently approaching things from the customer‘s perspective.

How did the customers react?
We really achieved a „wow“ factor with My Zurich, in accordance with our goal. Our customers are delighted and the feedback from our staff has consistently been: It‘s great! The number of users is developing nicely and we‘re getting constant feedback.

What does this project mean for Zurich?
My Zurich is a showcase project at Zurich and has caused a sensation. We have developed using agile methods in the past but this project is unique. It has become an internal benchmark for agile project management.

Our cooperation with Zühlke

The Zühlke team – IT specialists, business analysts and user-experience experts – supported the project from vision through to commissioning and took responsibility for the technical implementation. Thanks to the distributed development, Zühlke was able to call upon specialists at short notice and the team kept to the schedule, which was ambitious.

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