Success Story

Optimisation of locations for global software development

An electronics group was looking for ways of optimising its organisational structure for software development. The study provided a basis for making decisions on the use of synergies, on possible relocation and on outsourcing.


An innovative, globally active group for electronic consumer goods faces major challenges in this fiercely competitive industry. The company wanted to optimise its distributed software development capacities and exploit potentials for synergies and for cost cutting. This task required that attention be paid to the specific requirements of the individual product lines and the specific fields of knowledge related to them.


Zuhlke conducted interviews and project reviews at all sites and in all product lines to determine success factors, special characteristics, and strengths and weakness in the different organisational units for software development. Business requirements were compared to project execution and the conditions involved. 


The specialists created a detailed expertise profile for the desired state and the status quo for all teams.

The Zuhlke consultants developed and analysed various optimisation scenarios for regrouping the development units. From their findings, they devised concrete recommendations on shifting activities to other sites or on outsourcing. For certain development teams, they advised against a move, recommending a strengthening of activities at the current site instead.

Customer benefits

  • Drawing on their own practical knowledge of software development, Zuhlke was able to identify the crucial success and influencing factors quickly and accurately.
  • With its combination of technical and business-management expertise, Zuhlke consultants laid a good basis for talking with the affected parties, so they subsequently accepted its assessments and proposals.
  • The external evaluation gave the customer’s management an impartial and objective basis for decision-making.