Internet of Things

Locking technology in the cloud

dormakaba connected locking solutions in the cloud, enabling specialist partners to offer digital access systems as a service to their customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Innovation leadership in the market for security systems and access solutions.
  • Data storage in Switzerland with Swisscom Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Efficient and high-quality implementation.


dormakaba is a leading global provider of high-quality security and access solutions worldwide, and aspires to remain the innovation leader. With «aba exivo», locking technology is networked with the cloud and connected via a platform to specialist partners, customers and dormakaba. For the first time, it uses the Swisscom Virtual Private Cloud, which was co-developed by Zuhlke. This innovation enables customers to organize their access management online. Specialist partners are now able to launch a new service for end users that is easy to operate and monitor.


Zuhlke and dormakaba conducted innovation workshops to define the vision. The implementation took place using an agile process. In a joint cloud infrastructure, three web apps were developed: One for the end user, one for the specialist partner for planning and maintenance, and one for dormakaba for ordering and support. This interlocking helps prevent media disruptions. An IoT stack that communicates with the controllers in the customer’s system is responsible for connecting the locking technology. The scalability of the architecture makes it possible to operate a large number of systems efficiently. The high safety re-quirements are met with standard mechanisms. Thanks to the cloud-based solution, customers don’t need their own IT infrastructure. Now they can organize their access management online at any time. dormakaba is able to extend the platform flexibly, which provides the basis for further innovative services.


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