Product Innovation

Drinking water optimization with taste

From initial idea to final series production – Zuhlke’s know-how in the field of product development made it possible for BRITA to introduce its new ‘yource’ machine to the market as planned.

Customer Benefits

  • Development experience of Zuhlke in the field of foodstuffs and household machines.
  • Innovative solution as basis for new patent application.
  • Adherence to the planned product launch date.


BRITA, a leading expert in the global market of drinking water optimisation and individualisation, wanted to launch a new capsule concept for soft drinks: the user draws tap water, optimises it with the new machine and then enriches it with the flavours on offer. Zuhlke was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Overall development of the machine
  • Selection and coordination of suppliers together with BRITA
  • Development of the disposable capsule


Capsule: The development of the capsule began with a preliminary study that aimed to identify ideas and concepts for the sterile filling of a container with a syrup that could be stored for a long time. A solution was to be found for the continuous feeding of the syrup into the machine’s water stream. Using the functional samples developed in Zuhlke’s workshop, the developers refined the concept to the extent that the first injection moulds could be produced. These components were used to optimise and test the machine.

Machine: Based on the design specified by BRITA, Zuhlke engineers were able to develop a system architecture in a relatively short time. The main focus was put on the usability concept, the water enhancement and the development of an interface for the capsule. At the same time, injection moulding tools were designed for all design elements. Test series with the pre-prototypes showed which optimisations had to be incorporated in the realisation phase. The realisation phase ended with final approval of the tools. Following the ramp-up-support to the OEM manufacturer Zuhlke also provided support in optimisations during series production of the globally licensed machines.

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