Agile Transformation

Bank Julius Bär improves consultancy quality and efficiency

With help from Zühlke, Bank Julius Bär has developed a tool for customer advisors that improves efficiency and consultancy quality.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Bank Julius Bär is enhancing personal consultancy skills
  • Solutions tailored precisely to customers’ investment and risk profiles
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Systematic compliance with all regulatory requirements


Agile teams on-site

With the support of over 30 Zühlke specialists, Bank Julius Bär has developed a robo-assistant. Over the long term, the bank profits from knowledge transfer while improving the efficiency of the business and its customer advisors. And the time-to-market is systematically reduced.


Personal consulting in an increasingly complex environment

For Bank Julius Bär, customer consultancy is a key distinguishing feature. The tool for customer advisors, developed with Zühlke, enables systematically tailored consultancy. It frees customer advisors from administrative tasks and lets them concentrate on personal support for their customers. In developing the portal, the bank knew it could count on a strong partner with expertise in agile software development, customer experience and data analytics.


Personalised advice

Customer advisors can generate individual investment plans within minutes. The customer’s investment and risk profile is automatically taken into account, as are any regulatory requirements. This means that advisors can focus on supporting their customers, which leads to a better all-round customer experience.


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