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A virtual resident to protect your home

Every 3 minutes, a home is burgled somewhere in Europe. Helvetia created mitipi to prevent break-ins. The virtual resident imitates its owner's habits and thus deters burglars.

Customer Benefits

  • Zuhlke quickly provided the start-up with the necessary infrastructure as well as a pool of experts with the skills required.
  • The Helvetia team was granted access to Zuhlke's offices and was able to work directly with the specialists.
  • Zuhlke provided an all-round package consisting of experts from the fields of software, hardware, product development, user experience, and user design.



Thanks to Zuhlke's experts, our idea was quickly transformed into a viable concept. We identified our customer target group, their needs and our market. And, last but not least, our first prototype is already functional.

– Julian Stylianou, Project Manager at mitipi, Strategy and Innovation, Helvetia Versicherungen
Digital burglary prevention

Breaking and entering is an ever-recurring issue in the insurance industry. By interviewing burglary victims, Helvetia concluded that it is possible to prevent burglaries with digital technologies. The innovation managers at the insurance company collated initial information on customers’ requirements and found clients willing to pay for the product. However, Helvetia lacked the expertise in user experience design, software engineering, and product development.

On the fast lane with Zuhlke

While Zuhlke provided the infrastructure, mitipi's creators were able to concentrate fully on the creative aspects of the project. Zuhlke's experts assisted in realizing the ideas, built prototypes out of existing components, and manufactured mockups on their in-house 3D printer. In addition, Zuhlke's software developers programmed an extendable platform and an Android app. A large network of experts also provided Helvetia with input on marketing in social media and assisted with the implementation of the first customer tests.


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