Bring your innovative IoT ideas to life

We guide you through the complex world of Internet of Things, from ideation to production. So you speed things up, improve operational efficiency and avoid costly mistakes.

Enable end to end new digital experiences through improving your business operational efficiency

Holistic Integrated Solutions

One-stop-shop Internet of Things solutions, from devices and hardware through to cloud, web, mobile and analytics

Build superior customised connected products

Build bespoke systems on a client by client basis using the best available IoT technologies

Faster to market

Create and qualify ideas at the early stages of IoT projects. Pilot, scale and operate full production deployments for live usage

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Delight Customers

Use agile and lean development practices to incrementally build and release features to customers.

Deliver Digital Experiences that Matter

Manage long-term product deployments though analytics and customer feedback, that continually evolve in response to changing customer and market demands.

Decision Making

Derive actionable insight from large amounts of data



Develop backend cloud services, leveraging IoT platforms and frameworks.


UX led mobile application development focussed on providing valuable insight and driving actions.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Gain insights into customer behaviour through data analysis to continuously improve products and identify new opportunities.

Electronics, Embedded and Mechanics

Ability to create and develop smart physical IoT devices.

Product and Service Design

UX led product management.


Create and test new value propositions / prototypes

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    13 February 2018

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    19 May 2016

    Advanced Signal Processing often involves Harmonic Analysis, the decomposition of a signal into frequency components. On embedded systems...

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    25 June 2014

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  • The sunny dishwasher – a tale of understanding

    19 March 2015

    IoT Hackathon sounds good. IoT Hackathon sponsored by B/S/H sounds even better, but if you put in Relayr, NEST, a lot of Arduinos...