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Digital Service Innovation

To transform the end-to-end customer journey, increase revenues and decrease costs, Zuhlke’s holistic Digital Service Innovation solution reimagines the entire customer experience by addressing the customers major pain points and unmet needs through customer research and service design, streamlining the lean software development process and data analytics for continuous feedback.

Improving end to end Digital Customer Experiences through continuous research and feedback

Increased Customer Engagement

Integrating continuous, iterative feedback loops into the agile development process and thereby continuously addressing customer needs & brand awareness

Build Superior Digital Products

Deliver business value and improve customer experience through product design and user centered product development

Higher Revenues

Driving more acquisition and conversion, building new revenue models and improving retention

Who Trusts Us

Increase in Customer Loyalty due to improvement in Customer Experience

"Zühlke showed us which moments are crucial from the customer’s point of view – and how we can make a difference in those moments."

Hedwig Gerards, Head of Marketing, Visana

Maximised return on Investment through reducing complexity and
automating sub processes

"We highly appreciated Zühlke’s recommendation not to implement the chatbot technology in the proposed business case. This saved us money."

Michael Kistler, Head of Marketing, Communication and E-Business, Rhätische Bahn

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Zuhlke's Digital Service Innovation Delivery Process


Product and Service Design

A human centered iterative approach that focuses on customer experience and integrates user-oriented, experimental approaches in ever learning feedback loops

User Experience Design

Deliver best in class experiences for their customers using research, ideation, prototyping, testing and analytics planning.

Agile and Lean Engineering Practices

Iterative and incremental software delivery practices that continuously deliver working software and respond to customer feedback

Mobile and Web

Rapid development of complex of web applications and native mobile apps that take maximum advantage of the modern web and mobile devices


Take advantage of the commoditization of cloud computing to scale products

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Gain insights into customer behaviour through data analysis to continuously improve products and identify new opportunities

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