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Accelerate your secure journey to the cloud while navigating complexity and minimising business disruption

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Business today demands more from applications at speed and scale that only cloud can deliver. Shifting workloads from on-premises to the cloud, rescuing struggling cloud migrations, delivering new cloud-first services and achieving cloud adoption maturity, we can navigate many scenarios to help you realise and maximise the business value of cloud.

  • Highly available, stable and resilient solutions
  • Flexibility to scale globally
  • World class security and governance
  • Lower Operational Burden

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Maximise business value of the cloud

Bring experience working with diverse legacy systems

Establish best in class cloud tooling and procedures

Modernise to Deliver Business Applications Faster to Market

Let us make your move to the cloud a smooth journey


Assess Multi Cloud and Cloud Architecture Needs

We analyse your legacy technical estate, development organisation, and current level of cloud adoption and assess this against your business aims and best in class cloud practices. Our certifications in multi cloud providers help us to determine the best cloud platform and architecture for your needs that increases agility, and drives business continuity .


Migrate existing applications to the cloud and legacy integration

Our history of 50 years and 10,000+ projects means we have a deep understanding maintaining complex legacy systems, building modern digital services integrated with your legacy architectures, and migrating or replacing your legacy systems with modern architectures and the cloud while minimising disruption.


Adopt Cloud DevOps Automation approach

A key value of the Cloud is the concept of Infrastructure as Code and the opportunity to automate your entire development pipeline from implementation and test through to publishing to production. We bring a DevOps mindset to your projects, employing cloud-targeted tooling and approaches that minimise your risk and enhance your development effectiveness.


Facilitate effective Cloud Security and Governance

Our cloud security specialists understand how best to leverage the world-class security that cloud platforms provide and optimise this for your specific business requirements.

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