Lean Compliance

Security with little effort

The requirements facing regulated manufacturers are multiplying. The effort it takes to comply with these requirements can be a significant cost for these companies.

Compliance is becoming a competitive factor

There is no decrease in regulations in sight. On the contrary: Every new legal case leads to additional requirements, and new technologies constantly highlight further risks.

But at the same time, cost pressure is rising in proportion to the effort for licensing new products in the healthcare and other safety-critical sectors.

How companies deal with compliance is becoming a competitive factor. Companies following a lean approach on compliance gain a decisive advantage.

More innovative, more profitable, more efficient

Manufacturers of safety-critical products can profit from a lean implementation of regulations – so-called lean compliance – in a number of ways. They can:

  • Boost their innovative capability: Satisfying compliance requirements slows down product development. Companies that reduce their compliance effort can focus on turning more ideas into innovative products.
  • Increase profitability: The compliance effort increases development costs and, at the same time, decreases the number of products successfully launched in the market. Lean compliance reduces costs and paves the way for additional revenue.
  • Better use of internal resources: Quality assurance, process validation and regulatory compliance are absorbing more and more internal resources. Efficient compliance management frees valuable skilled staff to perform more productive tasks.
Lean compliance with Zuhlke

Zuhlke has long-term experience in the cost-efficient implementation of compliance and safety regulations in many different sectors. We support your company:

  • in project implementation: Experienced Zuhlke engineers embed the lean implementation of compliance and safety regulations within your company’s product development process
  • by assessing: In an assessment, our specialists identify critical aspects that need attention. A prioritized package of measures will show you how to put lean compliance into practice
  • with coaching: Zuhlke experts accompany, counsel and support your company in the efficient implementation of compliance and safety requirements

With our broad experience in engineering and our unique tools, we will sustainably reduce your compliance effort. Our experts are familiar with the current regulatory standards in different sectors. For the medical technology sector, Zuhlke has been certified according to ISO 13485.

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