Case Study

Major European TV Broadcaster


  • Recreate critical business tools built from from end–of–life technologies (such as VB6)
  • Replace a large legacy estate of custom tools built up over a lengthy period
  • Protect and preserve existing legacy tools during the replacement
  • Improve business critical revenue processing systems covering Sales, Sales Prediction and Advertisement Buying
  • Implement Agile and DevOps working practices


  • Dated systems and unsupported languages
  • Applications interfaced to a business-critical back end system
  • Ensure rewrite of tools and their interfaces to the back-end processing system avoids service interruptions
  • Huge volumes of minute by minute data stretching back 10 years with complex hierarchies and inter-relationships
  • Communication disconnects between the business and IT

Zuhlke's Approach

  • Introduce an Agile approach and create a DevOps team and capability
  • Lean UX approach to product delivery
  • Replace the large legacy estate iteratively and incrementally and also to ensure success with the CX of base features
  • PoC to assess and decide on competing technical stack options

Value Delivered and Conclusion

  • Delivered a modern new product with CX at its centre
  • Modern application suite built with modern web technologies making them easier to maintain and evolve
  • Decoupled front-end and back-end tools allowing them to be updated and evolve at their own pace and more flexibility for feature delivery
  • Introduced modern Agile, UX and DevOps approaches and capabilities