From voice and data supplier to digital service provider

Telecommunications companies are facing massive infrastructure investments through rollouts including FTTH and 4G/LTE. As a common carrier, they are constantly fighting commoditisation and are confronted with three challenges: cost control, generation of new sources of revenue, and improving the customer experience.

Digital transformation as opportunity

The communications network provided by telecommunications companies is the heart of the connected society. In order to profit from the digital transformation as service providers, they have to take action on three levels:

  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership: Optimize business support systems (BSS) including online and self-care services, payment and access systems, and transfer operations support systems (OSS) to the cloud
  • Innovation: Break into new markets and position themselves, thanks to their technology and innovation expertise, as enabler for the digital transformation of other players
  • Customer experience: Identify the needs of customers and inspire long-term loyalty thanks to multi-channel strategies and added-value services.

Create new value

On the path to becoming a digital service provider, companies have to develop sophisticated processes and innovative services.

Zuhlke supports you with its industry know-how and many years of experience for you to be successful throughout the entire value chain:

Digital leadership

With Zuhlke as your partner you will speed up the digital transformation, from strategy and planning to implementation and maintenance. Our range of services for the telecommunications sector comprises:

Lean operations

  • Selective enterprise application outsourcing
  • Consolidating complex system environments
  • Low-risk end-to-end solutions


  • Methodic approach for the development of innovative solutions
  • Data analytics for innovative services
  • Ecosystem solutions in the context of IoT, M2M and industry 4.0
  • Coaching and training in the area of innovation management and agility

User experience management

  • Enhancing the customer experience thanks to cross-functional expertise from the areas of visual, interaction and solution design as well as software development
  • Fully integrated, customer-oriented responsive design solutions

Managed services

  • Realization of customer-oriented integrated solutions, from the initial idea to market launch
  • Agile, distributed development – scalable, transparent and cost-efficient

As the long-standing strategic partner of telecommunications companies, we have a solid understanding of the processes, system architectures and the value chain in your sector. Thanks to our experts’ know-how your value proposition can remain differentaited.

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