Lab Science, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Diagnosis: Personalized medicine
and digitalization

The lab science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors are no longer isolated. They have moved closer together thanks to personalized medicine, individual diagnostics and digital networks. Complex – often even cross-sector – development projects will have to be managed in order to explore new (growth) markets with cost-efficient treatments.
Healthy innovation

Personalized medicine is a big trend, supported by advances in diagnostics and a better understanding of medical conditions.

This creates innovation opportunities for the lab science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The challenge: A shorter time to market and lower production costs compete with a rising product complexity. Possible areas of action are:

  • Diagnostics: High-throughput in the central lab vs. compact individual solutions at the point of care
  • Internet of Things: Interconnecting products, equipment, automata and humans
  • Data analytics: Development of evidence-based services for increasingly informed patients
  • Combination products: Product development in the area between pharmaceuticals and medical technology

On top of development and regulatory requirements

Navigating in the regulated lab science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors can be tricky.

In your innovation and development endeavours, Zuhlke supports you with services that optimally use findings from your data to create real added value.

With Zuhlke from the idea to a successful product

No matter whether you are targeting developments in the area of lab automation, diagnostics or pharmaceuticals: Having a partner who manages project complexity, complies with regulatory requirements and, at the same time, advances innovation cost-effectively, is paramount.

As a responsible partner, Zuhlke supports you with the following services:

  • Product engineering according to ISO 13485, GxP, IVD and ATMP
  • Production engineering: Conceptual design and development of production facilities as well as equipment and audit systems according to GMP
  • Technological consulting: Value engineering, technical and technological consulting
  • Piloting and production: GMP-compliant prototypes and production of very small series in our own workshop
  • Business consulting: Strategic and operative evaluation of new business models and transformations

Zuhlke ensures that you succeed in complying with the regulatory pathway, shorten the time to market and manage product complexity. In every project, you profit from our valuable experience in the sector and our experts’ proven track record.

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