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Building a digital service model: The insurance company of the future

Prioritize and accelerate digital transformation

Digital transformation and globalisation are making insurance products easily available and comparable. At the same time, new players are entering the market with highly customer-centric offers. Both these trends pose major challenges  to the insurance industry.

Insurance companies need to position themselves for this new globalised world. The objective is: Improved service, better quality, and innovative new products – all while keeping costs low. Not an easy task and certainly not a task that insurers can accomplish on their own. This new world requires intensive cooperation between insurers, insurtechs, service providers,  and other stake-holders in the insurance ecosystem to devise imaginative solutions.

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Insights on Insurance

Reshaping Customer Experience in Insurance

Digitisation makes insurance customers the key point of focus for offers. Strategically-anchored customer experience helps insurers to evolve from being single solution providers to customer experience enablers.

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