Energy Companies

Innovation – full speed ahead!

Energy providers are facing declining prices, growing competition and new digital customers. These challenges do not call for one single solution, but three: innovation, innovation, innovation.

Creating new value with energy

Innovation is the key for energy providers to create further value in an energy landscape that has changed radically:

  • Liberalization: End consumers’ freedom to choose requires flexible energy trading systems.
  • Renewable energy prediction: Wind and solar energy are hard to predict. Systems for real time measurement and forecasting take on a central role.
  • Decentralized generation: Energy providers must analyze huge amounts of data in order to fix dynamic prices and optimize distributed generating units.

Innovation and efficiency

The energy sector is in need of innovation in three core areas: business model, products & services and processes.

With Zuhlke, energy companies will master their new challenges – be it in the development of new products and services, in customer retention or in IT.

Realizing the full potential of ideas

Zuhlke supports energy companies as a partner for innovation and efficiency. We exploit the full potential of an idea with stringent methodology and effective implementation.

Our range of services for the energy sector comprises:

  • Innovation management: You can profit from our tried-and-tested innovation methodology in two ways: First, you will strengthen your customer retention with mobile solutions, portals and apps. Secondly, you will embed innovation know-how within your company.
  • IT and process optimization: For Zuhlke, process optimization and automation are core competences. Be it in consolidating IT environments, or in implementing energy trading systems or enterprise collaboration solutions.
  • Data analytics: Data is a competitive advantage. With our expertise you will generate market and customer insights and obtain valuable information for your business.

We are convinced that innovation increases your value proposition. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the sector, we develop business and IT solutions together with you, which make energy companies successful in the increasingly dynamic market.

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