Banking & Financial Service Providers

Invest in digitalization

Digital transformation and the new regulatory systems are strongly impacting the business models and processes of financial service providers. Cost-effectively developing and implementing digital solutions or channels that generate added value and streamline internal processes is of strategic importance in order to remain competitive.

More regulatory oversight leads to better business

The finance industry is beginning to digitally revolutionize their business in three strategic areas:

  1. Flexibility: Tighter regulatory pressure is pushing financial institutions to replace their aged banking systems. As a consequence of new systems, banks' processes and offerings are becoming more flexible and responsive to changing customer’s needs.
  2. Innovation: Players from other sectors increase the pressure to innovate. A strategic Business-IT alignment reduces the time to market.
  3. Customer loyalty: Digital natives expect more customer focus through digital added-value services and personalized interaction across all channels.

Are you ready for 2020?

Often, old IT system architectures cannot keep up with the digital transformation.

Banks must adopt a holistic perspective in order to transact in the digital age.

From Zuhlke’s point of view, two groups of questions are crucial for a digital roadmap:

  1. How does customer behavior change?
  2. What does IT innovation mean for banking?

Your partner for innovation and efficiency

By partnering with Zuhlke, banks and financial solution providers better control the market dynamics and gain some mastery over traditional issues such as customer loyalty, reduction of costs and complexity, as well as efficiency improvement. We offer the following services:

  • Consulting on strategy, IT and process level: Zuhlke embraces the agile approach. Our emphases in consulting lie with the flexible and pragmatic transformation of business and IT architectures, the optimization of the value chain as well as of process automation and process architecture.
  • Innovation of products and solutions: Innovation is part of Zuhlke’s DNA. Based on data analytics, we develop products, services and (mobile) applications that will set you apart from the competition. Upon request, Zuhlke takes care of the entire product lifecycle management of banking solutions and software.
  • Business excellence: Your projects will succeed thanks to project reviews and turnarounds from Zuhlke. As lead engineers or project managers, our experienced experts take on the project responsibility for the development and operation of core-banking applications.

Cooperation with Zuhlke brings you many years of experience in regulated markets, as well as a partner who can take a 360-degree view of your IT and business challenges. Ranging from complex IT environments complying with growing regulatory oversight, to new customer expectations – with Zuhlke, your business can become more efficient and your innovative services will set you apart from the competition.

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