Disruptive Innovation

Turn the market upside down
with unexpected ideas

If a product is well established in the market, it becomes more and more difficult to differentiate it by merely improving its quality or efficiency. In order to really stand out against the competition, it is necessary to implement groundbreaking innovations.


Groundbreaking ideas secure competitive advantage

Disruptive innovations turn everything upside down: They create completely new products that surprise the market. Thus, companies can attain or greatly improve their market leadership. However, such revolutionary changes can only be achieved if you wander off the beaten track. By relying on proven methodology, Zühlke accompanies you on the route to innovation – from the development of groundbreaking ideas to their implementation and successful market launch.

Complex challenges in global competition

Global competition puts pressure on many companies, resulting in an escalating price war. In order to remain competitive, production costs must be continually and sustainably reduced.

With rapid product cycles, a short time to market becomes an increasingly decisive factor for success. Today, a company can only strengthen or even reach market leadership by demonstrating a clear technological advantage.

We open the door for your breakthrough

Normally, disruptive innovations cannot be achieved with small steps. They entail a higher risk and require investment. With Zühlke you have an experienced partner at your side who supports and relieves you throughout the whole innovation process.

  • Analysis: Together with you we carry out a detailed assessment of the situation, define possible areas for action and establish a powerful innovation management.
  • Reality check: We minimize risk by scheduling regular quality milestones in the process, or by developing significant prototypes, for example.
  • Methodology: In interdisciplinary teams we generate a multitude of ideas with the help of efficient creativity tools, evaluate the ideas systematically, and formulate business cases. Throughout, you profit from our extensive know-how in all engineering disciplines and our expertise in the fields of lean innovation, cross-industry innovation, user-centered design and usability engineering.

Our methodical innovation management has been proven in countless projects. With Zühlke you have an experienced partner at your side to launch your revolutionary innovation on the market.