Fabrizio Ferrandina to become CEO of the Zühlke Group

London – 6 November 2017 

As of 1 July 2018, Fabrizio Ferrandina will be appointed CEO of the innovation service provider with operating companies in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Singapore, Austria, and Serbia.

Change of leadership in the Zühlke Group: In addition to his role as CEO of Zühlke Engineering Deutschland, Fabrizio Ferrandina will also become CEO of the company group in mid-2018. Michael Hirsch, who has been CEO of the Zühlke Group since 2007, will be proposed for election to the Zuhlke Group's Board of Directors.

"Fabrizio Ferrandina has led Zühlke as CEO in Germany since its founding in 1998 and developed it into one of the leading service providers for innovation projects in Germany. I am delighted that he will now contribute his experience and know-how as CEO of the Zühlke Group", says his predecessor Hirsch.

Together with his colleagues in the group management, Fabrizio Ferrandina has a clear goal:

"We plan to continue the successful path taken so far to strengthen the group's global focus as a partner for business innovation. The key task of the group management over the coming years will be to set the strategic course for this goal."

In addition to Germany, the Zühlke Group has locations in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Serbia and Singapore. In 2016, the group achieved a turnover of 122 million Euros with 810 employees.

There are additional changes in the group's Board of Directors: Samuel Gartmann, previously Chairman of the Board of Directors, Andreas Strahm and Christoph Dürmüller are stepping down. Oliver Gassmann will remain in Zühlke's Board of Directors, which, in addition to Michael Hirsch, will also be joined by Martin Rutishauser from Zühlke Ventures and Philipp Sutter. Philipp Sutter, CEO of Zühlke Switzerland since 2003, will be nominated to become Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zühlke Group on 1 July 2018. His successor as Swiss CEO will be Nicolas Durville, who has been a member of the Executive Board of Zühlke Switzerland since 2010. The changes in the Board of Directors will be confirmed with the elections at the Annual General Meeting in June 2018.

Zühlke is a leading service provider for business innovation projects. By combining both business and technology expertise, we create solutions that delight our customers. We develop commercially successful products, services, and business models for their digital future - from the initial idea through to the implementation and operation. This is achieved by the commitment of more than 800 experts and the experience gained in over 8,000 projects.