Awards & Certificates

What makes Zuhlke an outstanding company?

What makes us stand out from the herd is customer and staff satisfaction. To optimise our ability to undertake client projects in regulated markets we are certified by a number of different organisations.


Great Place to Work

Zühlke is one of the ten best employers in Switzerland and has been awarded a special prize for its training programmes. In 2013, Zühlke Germany was also recognised as one of Germany’s best employers.

Graduate Barometer

As part of a European study, the Berlin-based Trendence Institute carries out an annual online survey of several thousand students. In 2013, Zühlke Switzerland was once again one of the top 100 most attractive graduate employers in Switzerland.

Champion Enterprise 2013

Zühlke Engineering was the winner of the 2013 Swiss ICT Award. The jury stated, “Demonstrable long-term performance is one of the main points we focus on when choosing award winners, but we also focus strongly on the relationship with clients and staff.”


We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified.