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Join us on the journey to a highly integrated era of health technology. Our next roundtable takes place on 18.05.2021 where we show how to successfully build Medical AI. Our roundtable focuses on decision-makers who are highly interested in innovation themes.

Our mission at Zühlke Health is to add value to your business through technological advantage. Our series of events, roundtables and webcasts offer a unique opportunity to engage with our global experts and thought leaders. The sessions are designed for impact and our guests are encouraged to engage and discuss, shape, and disrupt. 

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Medical AI as an Opportunity

When AI is used within the patient journey or in clinical studies, it has to be developed in a regulated way. Building this “Medical AI” can be challenging, especially as the regulations do not take into account the unique characteristics of machine learning algorithms. However, for pharma companies, this topic holds a lot of opportunities to scale-up their know-how for AI to other application areas.

    In our roundtable, we show best practices from our past projects in order to demonstrate how to successfully build Medical AI. Together with Sam Kruklis from our partner Google we take a closer look at the opportunities that come with Medical AI and we discuss, how to approach this topic.


    • How to approach the topic of Medical AI
    • Best practices for developing and leveraging Medical AI
    • Opportunities for pharmaceutical companies

      Next Roundtable on May 18th 4-6 PM

        Interested? Please sign up and we will inform you if there is a free seat for you to join! To provide an interactive session we limited the number of participants to 10. To ensure a high quality of discussion at our roundtables, we reserve the right to select participants according to their subject matter expertise and may suggest alternative roundtables. Please be aware that your registration is only valid with confirmation from Zühlke.

        The roundtable will take part virtually on May 18th from 4-6 pm.

        Your Hosts

        Gabriel Krummenacher, Principal Consultant, Zühlke

        Safe and Reliable AI for Pharma. How can you implement an AI project in a regulated environment? Using our best practice machine learning processes and our experience from numerous AI projects, we demonstrate what the most important points are.


        Sam Kruklis Google Cloud Customer Engineering - Analytics Specialist

        With the rapid growth and democratization of AI/ML use cases in the healthcare space, organizations are looking to evidence based automation solutions that focus on assessing and leveraging quantifiable patient benefit. Within the field of personalized healthcare, treatment response is a major component towards a value-based approach of effectively identifying optimal patients who can benefit most. Advances in non-structured data analysis, such as imaging, now play an essential role in achieving those results.


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        Upcoming webcast on 21. April 2021: Building safe and reliable AI for health care – insights from real world use cases

        Together with our experts, we share some insights on how you can build safe and reliable AI for health care and share some interesting real-world use cases. Save the date on 21. April 2021 at 8 am CET. More information about the program will follow soon.

        Your Hosts

        Bardia Zanganeh

        Bardia M. Zanganeh

        Senior Business Development Manager

        Bardia M. Zanganeh is responsible for the Life Sciences and Healthcare practice in Switzerland. He serves leading healthcare institutions on all technology agenda issues. His primary areas of focus include digital innovation, business model transformation and product innovation. He also serves providers as well as medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. He has a background in engineering, consulting and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich.

        Gabriel Krummenacher Zühlke

        Gabriel Krummenacher

        Lead Consultant

        Gabriel Krummenacher is Data Scientist and since November 2016 at Zühlke. He has a MSc ETH in Computer Science and a PhD in Machine Learning from ETH. His main area of expertise includes Supervised Machine Learning, Large-scale Optimization and Experimental Design. He lead projects in medical data analysis and defect detection for railway traffic.

        Recording: Are Apps going to replace Pills?

        Together with our experts we’ve discussed about how a new class of digital health products are enhancing traditional chemical or biological approaches from the pharmaceutical industry, with the potential in some cases to even become suitable alternatives. When can we say that a digital health product is a digital medicine or a digital therapeutics? Are all Software as a Medical Device digital therapeutics? Are digital therapeutics more often used as a standalone or in combination with a drug?

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