You develop solutions, together we develop your career

At Zühlke, we bring together people with exceptional skills and a collaborative mindset, who find complexity fascinating, and the unknown an opportunity. We’re interested in what you’ve already done, and even more excited to see how far you can go with us. If you’re ready to develop your career, you’re in the right place.

Your growth - Work somewhere that propels your career forward

We hire you to level-up the skills that drive your career forward, create a positive impact for our customers, and take on purposeful projects around the world. 

To make this possible, we commit 10% of our annual turnover to your learning and development. These opportunities aren’t limited to project work – it’s whatever is most valuable for you. 

To us, personal and professional growth are more than useful by-products: they’re a cornerstone of who we are. Whatever your specialism, we’ll help you constantly reach new heights. Ours is a learning-centric culture, designed to build your expertise and strengthen your competencies, and complemented by everything from mentoring programs and online courses to workshops and conferences. 

You get your own, dedicated career coach to enhance every step of your development. We also provide regular goal-setting to monitor your progress and give your growth direction. Every single project assignment opens a new space to learn, move and grow - personally and professionally.

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