Closing the gender gap in tech jobs

It is particularly important to us to increase the proportion of women in the still male-dominated tech professions, and in management positions. To do this, we want to attract more women to our tech jobs and build up a pool of diverse talents. This also includes creating an environment in which women can grow personally and professionally, fulfil their potential and succeed. In addition to promoting a real, 'lived' culture of commitment and mutual support, we therefore attach great importance to equal opportunities and the elimination of gender-specific differences and prejudices in our teams, and place emphasis on flexible career models.

Ernst Ellmer
' As a global service provider we believe in diverse, multi-disciplinary teams working together using agile methods. By bringing lots of different perspectives to the challenges involved, they help ensure successful innovation projects. To promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, we have set ourselves the goal of increasing the number of women in tech and leadership roles. Partnering with GDW and its network of inspiring female role models will help take our efforts to the next level. '
Ernst Ellmer
Chief Operating Officer & Partner, Zühlke

Strong partnerships and initiatives

We want to continue our efforts through our partnership with Global Digital Women. The organisation gives women in tech professions a platform, connects them, gives experts, female leaders, women in tech & IT and their success stories increased visibility across whole industries and promotes the career growth of women.

Global Digital Women

To encourage our employees – but especially women and under-represented groups – to speak openly and confidently about their achievements in the workplace and beyond, every month we run #IamRemarkable workshops that everyone in the company can take part in. #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative and part of our internal diversity activities that has the aim of discussing skills and experiences in the area of 'self promotion', learning more about them in relation to one's own career and celebrating professional successes together.

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Antonia Pförtner

Antonia Pförtner

Recruiting Specialist
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