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Find out how we automated the production of bioengineered skin

The Swiss start-up company Cutiss had an ingenious idea: customised artificial skin for burns victims. But like many other start-ups and well-established companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry they were facing one major challenge: to scale-up their production.

In our 12-page whitepaper we describe in detail the processes that led to an effective and successful solution: An automated closed system

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How Cutiss managed to scale-up production

The Swiss start-up Cutiss AG from Zurich has found a way to bioengineer customised skin that mimics skin and minimises scaring. It is produced manually in cleanroom to perform clinical studies. But to ensure scalability, while maintaining safety and efficacy of denovoSkin, Cutiss AG is having to explore new production avenues.

For two years, the company has been working with Zühlke to develop the concept for an automated closed system. In our whitepaper, the various decisions made during the ongoing development process are explained in greater detail. The article is also intended to show how a start-up vision becomes reality and how the solution evolves to fulfil the needs. 

On the path to defining the system architecture, four main questions were asked about the solution:

  • Should it be fully automated?
  • Fully connected?
  • Fully closed?
  • Fully mechanised?

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Automated production of customized bioengineered skin
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