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We'll bring you on board wherever you are!

We're convinced that successful project work can happen from anywhere. Our Virtual Department enables just that: a development team that is self-organised and remote, working from all over Germany, on innovative projects for our customers.

As remote developers of Zühlke's Virtual Department, you'll be part of a software engineering team that focuses on the digital solutions of the future, working jointly with colleagues from the entire Zühlke Group. Where you live doesn't matter because you'll be working from where you are – your home.

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Picture of Joschka Seydell
The self-organized model is essentially about a commitment to this way of working, a willingness to leave one's comfort zone, to trust others, and to be trusted in return. From that perspective, I would call such a mindset the only really necessary prerequisite. My personal "Aha" moment in self-organization was becoming aware of how our company works and what contribution I can make. That changes one's own actions completely – and also the meaning behind them.
Joschka Seydell
Advanced Software Engineer & Team member of Zühlke's first self-organised department

Interdisciplinary project work in Zühlke teams

As a Virtual Department, you'll be part of the Zühlke Group. Together with your colleagues from other Zühlke teams, you'll work – in an agile, interdisciplinary manner, across multiple locations – on innovative, sustainable projects for our customers. This could be AI solutions for the medtech industry, the digitalisation of a sales process using mixed reality or the development of an IoT solution for rail transport.

Where you live doesn't matter – what counts is your passion for innovation, technology and agile collaboration. At Zühlke, our focus is on teamwork and innovation. We rely on leading technologies to shape the future. And we dare to question the status quo. It's the only way we can create added value and success for our customers. This is another reason why we encourage you to think outside the box and share your ideas with others.

Portrait Martin Kutz
Die Remote-Arbeit bei Zühlke erlaubt mir, alles unter einen Hut zu bringen – die Nähe zu meiner Familie und Freunden, bezahlbarer Wohnraum in meiner Heimat und nicht zuletzt die Möglichkeit, spannende Kundenprojekte mit tollen Kollegen umzusetzen. Der regelmäßige Austausch – sei es bei virtuellen Kaffeepausen, gemeinsamen Teamevents oder Sprintwechseln in Projekten – ist für das Teamgefühl ausschlaggebend.
Martin Kutz
Lead Engineer & Remote-Mitarbeiter

Self-organisation as a basis for team success

Teamwork is a top priority in the Virtual Department because, as a self-organised team within Zühlke, you'll be working without a direct line manager. With an experienced coach from Zühlke's first self-organised department at your side, you'll learn as time goes on how to organise yourselves as a team, allocate your capacities for projects, discuss salary expectations and career development, plan further training or bring suitable colleagues into the team. The self-organised department builds on communication, responsibility, cooperation and connectedness, and enables independent working within a supportive corporate structure and established processes.

As a virtual team that isn't assigned to any fixed Zühlke location, you can – if you ever feel the need for office space – simply visit one of our five German locations near you.

teamwork remote
Portrait Joschka Seydell
Beim Modell der Selbstorganisation geht es im Wesentlichen um die Bekenntnis zu dieser Art zu Arbeiten, um die Bereitschaft, die eigene Komfortzone zu verlassen, anderen zu vertrauen und dafür auch Vertrauen zu erhalten. Mein persönlicher Aha-Moment bei der Selbstorganisation ist, sich bewusst zu werden, wie unser Unternehmen funktioniert und welchen Beitrag ich leisten kann. Das verändert das eigene Handeln - und auch den Sinn dahinter.
Joschka Seydell
Advanced Software Engineer & Mitglied von Zühlkes erster selbstorganisierten Abteilung

A supportive corporate culture

Zühlke supports the success of its employees with a unique corporate culture for which we've been recognised as one of Germany's best employers. We consider it important to support you with continuous, high-quality training. That's why we allocate 10% of our annual turnover across the Group to employee training. We're geared to interdisciplinary collaboration, regularly exchange ideas, give each other feedback and learn from each other. From this, you'll gather that we communicate openly with each other, assess ourselves honestly and enjoy working as a team. When our lives are in balance, we perform better at work, so we offer flexible working hours that meet your needs. Added to this is an attractive benefits package and a shared passion to give our best every day.

If you'd like to be part of this exciting journey, simply apply for one of the vacant positions in our Virtual Department.

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