A real-time monitoring system for oxygen cylinder valves

With a lean and agile approach, Zühlke helped the market leading gas supplier Linde Healthcare deliver a real-time monitoring system for their LIV-IQ digital cylinder valve, enabling hospitals to track and optimise their gas cylinder usage.

We developed prototype ideas, which were then transformed into a core pilot system in order to generate feedback early in the process. Once the technical feasibility and business value was confirmed, the pilot was expanded into a full production system.  

With interdisciplinary collaboration, IoT solutions, rapid software development and implementation, a real time-tracking system was rolled out, enabling hospitals to track and optimise their gas cylinder usage across multiple room and storage facilities.

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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investor App

Zuhlke has developed the first stage of a new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investor App to help investors fund the installation of electric vehicle chargers across the country. Its goal is to provide investors and other stakeholders with Energy, Traffic, and Geographic data that is difficult to acquire and interpret, but which is essential to ensure that charging stations are installed in the best locations. 

The motivation for this work is that the UK is expecting a rapid expansion of the use of electric vehicles, especially with the sale of petrol cars to be banned by 2030. Without adequate preparation, this will stress the UK electricity grid, with a risk of significant power-cuts as circuits overload. The required investment to address this is expected to take between £5B-£10B. 

This development was funded by UK Research and Innovation as part of its £102.5M “Prospering from the Energy Revolution” programme. 

Discover more here: https://www.zuehlke.com/en/data-for-electric-vehicle

A digital app for assisted living homes

With a user-friendly, intuitive digital app we placed effective behavioural support in the hands of front-line care workers to enrich the lives of both care service users and their carers. 

Zühlke experts were brought in by Special Needs Care to rapidly create an innovative digital platform enhancing independence and opportunity among people with intellectual disabilities by increasing access to, and control over, a range of everyday activities at home and in the community.  

Therefore, Zuhlke took documented theory and translated it into an operationally fit and commercially viable application. Through API and Microservice Architecture, we built a simple and intuitive user interface with optimal user experience to increase the amount of time care workers can spend with the service users instead of recording information and transcribing notes. 

Discover more: Case Study: Bringing Ground-Breaking Behavioural Science to Life

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NHS Covid-19 App

The NHS Covid-19 app has prevented 600,000 cases of infection in England and Wales. A global team of 70 Zühlke employees built both the iOS and Android app, the highly scalable back-end services, and the underlying AWS Cloud platform infrastructure. The team also helped scientists develop a new, more accurate algorithm to detect exposure to infection.

Zühlke's decades of experience in fast, agile development enabled our team to take the NHS Covid-19 app from conception to launch-readiness in just twelve weeks. Since then, the app has continued to evolve as we keep developing and operating it.

The purpose of our work on the app is to break the chain of transmission of the Covid-19 virus, stop the spread and protect users and their communities. Since its launch in September 2020, the app has been downloaded over 24 million times, representing 60% of the eligible population. It was one of the first apps built on the Google/Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) framework, and the first to take advantage of the significant improvements seen in the latest versions of these APIs. The GAEN framework is designed to protect users from the spread of the virus while maintaining their privacy and anonymity. 

Zühlke brought a unique combination of experience to the project: the ability to develop quickly, the experience from developing large mobile applications with architectures that allow parallel development of multiple functions and scale quickly to millions of users, and a background of building medically-compliant software.

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