We Do Work That Matters

At Zühlke, we have made it our mission to give our work a deeper meaning. That's why our teams are always focused on creating real change through digital innovation.

Our work culture is not only based on the diverse expertise of our colleagues, but also on the diversity of perspectives in different teams that work together globally and in a spirit of trust to achieve the best results. We are convinced that these innovations and our technological progress can positively change not only the economy, but also our entire society. Together with our customers, we work every day on more sustainable and efficient solutions for the future. Discover some of our projects and learn why we do work that matters

Saving lives with zeros and ones

Challenge accomplished!

The NHS Covid-19 app has prevented 600,000 cases of infection in England and Wales. A global team of 70 Zühlke employees built both the iOS and Android app, the highly scalable back-end services, and the underlying AWS cloud platform infrastructure. The team also helped scientists develop a new, more accurate algorithm to detect exposure to infection.

Zühlke's decades of experience in fast, agile development enabled our team to take the NHS Covid-19 app from conception to launch-readiness in just twelve weeks. Since then, the app has continued to evolve as we keep developing and operating it.

The purpose of our work on the app is to break the chain of transmission of the Covid-19 virus, stop the spread and protect users and their communities. Since its launch in September 2020, the app has been downloaded over 24 million times, representing 60% of the eligible population. It was one of the first apps built on the Google/Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) framework, and the first to take advantage of the significant improvements seen in the latest versions of these APIs. The GAEN framework is designed to protect users from the spread of the virus while maintaining their privacy and anonymity. 

Zühlke brought a unique combination of experience to the project: the ability to develop quickly, the experience from developing large mobile applications with architectures that allow parallel development of multiple functions and scale quickly to millions of users, and a background of building medically-compliant software.

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Can we create soft skin with hardware?

Challenge accomplished!

Swiss life science start-up Cutiss produces personalised artificial skin in its lab. Their technology helps treat patients with skin defects and promises to mimic the skin and prevent or significantly reduce scarring. 

The production of bioengineered skin is a complex process. Zühlke engineers have broken down this specific procedure and translated it into a step-by-step automated solution. The process consists of cell isolation, cell washing, cell multiplication, cell preparation and tissue formation.

The solution that the Zühlke engineers came up with is a closed system for single use. The entire skin formation process takes place within a sterile disposable set of tubes, bags and containers. The system remains closed throughout the entire process chain; the cells never leave this closed space on their way from the hospital to Cutiss and then back to the patient.

Disposable does not automatically mean more waste. On the contrary: manual production consumes significantly more disposables than this automated solution. Learn more about the project.

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Banking in the Cloud

Challenge accomplished!

The development of Asia's next-generation virtual bank has helped Hong Kong to take an important step into the smart banking era. Zühlke supported the launch of a cloud-based digital bank with multidisciplinary engineering and DevOps expertise in only 18 months from licensing to the market launch. 

Through a digital  bank with a resilient infrastructure and fast, cost-efficient development cycles, a range of retail banking services and lifestyle benefits will be offered via the purely digital app.

Zühlke is supporting the end-to-end development of a brand new, innovative virtual banking project in Asia, from technical architecture design to agile development and post-release support of the bank in 24/7 operations for a successful launch in Hong Kong. We managed the complex topology of infrastructures and services by applying development best practices and specifically, using Infrastructure as Code for consistent and repeatable environment provisioning, automated builds, tests and deployments for fast development feedback loops. Our team adopted practices like pair programming and code reviews and played an active role in ensuring software code quality as new features were developed and released. In addition, our multidisciplinary engineering and DevOps expertise played a crucial role in the challenging set-up of technical operations in the various departments of the virtual bank. Learn more about the project.

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Create real emotions with mixed reality

Challenge accomplished!

TK Elevator wanted to develop a HoloLens-based and fully digital sales process for its stairlifts with improved efficiency and a better customer experience. Zühlke implemented the project in record time. In just 10 months, the HoloLinc® was up and running.

By developing a faster and newer sales process for their stairlifts, TK Elevator wants to give people with reduced mobility the chance to have more freedom of movement in their own homes.

The big challenge was to develop the basic technologies, such as displaying mixed reality on an iPad. There was also the issue of connectivity between the different devices and systems (iPad, HoloLens, Azure cloud and TK Elevator ERP system) via different interfaces, and the solution also had to have an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface.

Thanks to its experience in distributed and agile development and its great expertise in end-to-end IoT projects, our team was able to deliver connectivity and backend solutions quickly and easily. We created a solution with an efficient and exceptional user experience, combining iPad and HoloLens. Our team's extensive experience with Mixed Reality and industrialisation of prototypes was an important factor in the success of HoloLinc®.  Learn more about the project.

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Go underground with front-end

Challenge accomplished!

Tracto-Technik develops, produces and sells machines and accessories for the underground laying and renewal of pipelines. In order to meet the growing global demand for innovative "moling technologies" in the long term and to offer its customers new digital services and products, the company opted for a strategy based on digitalisation and IoT. Zühlke supported the company in its first steps with the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have developed an integrated digitisation strategy and supported the development of a new range of products and services that enable Tracto-Technik customers to make optimum use of their equipment. We also supported the company in developing an R&D strategy, hardware and software architecture for device connectivity and a web platform for digital services. 

In addition, we introduced them to agile development techniques. The result is an IoT system that is developed, implemented and operated by a single provider. Through this system, the company is now also able to offer services in areas such as data analytics and process automation. Zühlke also provides Tracto-Technik with valuable insights to adapt its products and services even better to customer needs. The product and service innovations resulting from the collaboration make the company's trenchless solutions even more efficient, simple and safe. Learn more about the project.

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Share two kinds of perspectives with one pair of glasses

Challenge accomplished!

Zühlke has used the MR device HoloLens to develop a remote control application by using technology from the gaming sector. Our team has proven that technology can be used across platforms to develop innovative business solutions.

This technology helps maintenance experts to guide colleagues on site remotely by connecting them live through camera view, on a voice level and via a message board.

In addition, the maintenance expert can use it to mark specific points within a 3D model. By placing the markers on the 3D model rather than on the screen, the expert can guide the operator more precisely.

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