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Delve into the transformative ideas presented in the "360° Healthcare: A Holistic View on Human-Centric Healthcare" talk, centered around the insightful findings of the "Zühlke Digital Health Study 2023." This virtual event brought together industry experts to discuss the integration of technology in healthcare, focusing on patient-centric solutions.

What you will learn

  • Enhancing Digital Trust: Initiatives to build trust in digital health must prioritize engaging healthcare professionals as advocates for change.
  • Valuing Health Data Contributions: Recognize health data donors with transparency and respect, akin to clinical trial participants, emphasizing their critical role in advancing healthcare.
  • Progressive Digital Evolution: The healthcare digital revolution will unfold through cumulative small-scale innovations, leading to substantial systemic change.

Featuring Insights from Esteemed Panelists:

Moderated by: Philipp Tholen, Head of Health, Zühlke Switzerland

Healthcare LAT Group

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  • Zühlke Digital Health Study 2023: Dive deeper into the results of our study.

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